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June 19, 2008


Michael N. Landis

Your worst nightmare is about to come true, Dan!
When Obama becomes prez. he will fill--or should I say stack--the court with liberal appointments a la F.D.R. Unlike F.D.R., no need to make extra appointments, as the Repugs and turncoats like Lieberman just won't have the votes to block his nominees. Incidentally, several Guantanamo detainees have already been released when, even to "our" government it became obvious that they were not terrorists, but innocents falsely accused and handed in for the reward money (often to settle inter-tribal or inter-familial feuds in Pakistan and Afganistan, but having nothing to do with terrorism, yet they rotted away for years because "our" government could not recruit sufficient folks who spoke Pashtun, or Arabic, etc.Why are you in such a hurry to deny folks access to our legal system, rather than the rump kangaroo-court, a la 3rd world military "tribunals" which Bush hand his henchmen offer? After all, the West has had a seven-century tradition, beginning with the Magna Carta, of offering the accused access to a bona fide legal system. We are a nation of laws, rather than the arbitrary diktats of the authorities.

Phillip Wedeen

Gringoman writes about Gitmo detainees, "It's been documented that some of those released went on to kill americans."
A statement pulled from Gringoass.

The idiocy of the Gringopost here is beyond words....
Gitmo detainees were picked up in sweeps and by the governments own admission it cannot even charge more than a mere 10% with any crime whatsoever.
But Monica Crowley went to Gitmo and reports that these are terrorists. That's enough for Gringofool.
Gringofool is propogandizing to his unwashed readers when he compares FDR's execution of german sabateurs captured on Long Island who had landed from a uboat and buried their uniforms in the sand to those picked up ad-hoc in Afganistan after 9-11. There is no comparison. Gitmo detainees are asking that the government show cause for their detention while the german spys never challenged the legitimacy of their arrest.
More idiocy in the Gringopost in that the ruling by the supremes went to the ability of those held in Gitmo only to challenge their detention in federal court on the issue of haebus-corpus only. In other words after six years in captivity the government must show cause as to why they have detained. The ruling does not disturb the kangaroo court system which does not allowed the accused to challenge or even see the evidence against them; nor does it bar statements derived from torture.

Probably not surprising to those still proud to be shills of the party of torture and who will soon don the brown shirts signifying what the USA has become in the eyes of even its closest of allies; for we have been patient with the american people after the government stole the election in 2000. But after they returned this animal to power in 2004 the american people are themselves to blame. They maintain their lifestyle on the backs of those they opress, abuse, and torture.
Gringoman is emblematic of the ugly american. Precatory notions of justice built on some incohate ideological conclusion in search of a premise.

Phillip Wedeen

Boumediene for Gringos!!!

A primer for the unschooled.

Phillip Wedeen

The rather make believe world of MILITARYCORRUPTION.COM:

Vice Pres. OPNS Paul Vogle, DEAD

Naval Affaires Correspondant Kenneth A Borig, DEAD

Chief Legal Counsel Col John D Smith USAR (Ret), NONEXISTANT

Editor-in Chief, Maj Glenn MacDonald USAR (Ret), (sic)appears in 9-11 Ripple Effect, but actually played by Dan Cameron Rodill (see YouTube) who in fact also ghosts MacDonald's 'bylines'

Leaving the entire MCC whacky show to Dan Cameron Rodill, and who now also appears in Jorge Edwards latest novel, as the "prototypical american self-reflecting raconteur of falangist reality".
"American Republican party faithful are as guilty of the torture and murder as the government from which they continue to derive succour; deserving a spot on the wall alongside those who did the thinking for them."
You have created the monument from which you will be forever remembered, Dan.



Yes, a nightmare is due in November. However, it remains to be seen whether it is mine or whether it is yours and Comrade Wedeen's.

ps. Are you giving odds to match your clairvoyance?


Comrade Phillip DK. Wedeen is at it again. Despite a legal education, his reading comprehension hasn't reached the level where one can see that the trenchant gringoPost made the liberal point that some of the Gitmo detainees may be innocent. So he trots out the well-worn non-rebuttal rebuttal concerning captives who may have been captured in Afghani scams.

Wae know all that, genius! We also know that released captives have gone on to kill and murder. We also know that some of these vicious animals have almost killed at Gitmo.

Instead of doing your stupid sanctimony against the one Beacon of Liberty on the planet, which allows even your own country to freeload on its own national security, why don't you lend your legal due diligence to the Mugabeasts who have liberated Zimbabwe from the White Colonial Yoke? Surely there's work for your kind in that People's Nightmare, even though it's black instead of imperialist white. You can build on your anti-racist cred, no? The wife of the Mugabeast's opponent was just murdered. Why don't you offer some legal help?

Interesting that you addressed FDR but shied away from Honest Abe Lincoln and how he handled your proto-ACLU types in 1861.

Phillip DK Wedeen. Is the DK for 'Das Kapital', or 'Das Kook'?

Phillip Wedeen

Let me get this straight, if one does not tow the american neo-conservative line, one must be in league with Magabe?

You stated that Gitmo detainees that were subsequently released went on to kill americans. Can you provide just one example?

I cannot fathom how you can prattle on about your country being a "Beacon of Liberty" when in fact you and your MilitaryCorruption.com editor, Glenn MacDonald stated in 9-11 Ripple Effect that the horrors of 9/11 were committed by the US gov't. While you are entitled to these whacky beliefs, you can't at the same time assert here that you are living in a free society; unless of course you are the Gringoman.


You ask for one example of released Gitmo detainees going on to kill---including killing Americans.

One will assume that you are speaking from honest ignorance.

One example? How about dozens of examples? See Dick Morris' new book, FLEECED. It's no. 1 on Amazon. If you write to Dick, you may be able to get not only an education, but an autographed copy.

ps If your legal expertise is not available for the murder of the wife of the man who dared oppose "Liberator" Mugabe in Zimbabwe, how about the refugees fleeing the anti-imperialist anti-racist Mugabe and arriving in South Africa? They've been getting an interesting reception there from the liberated S.African blacks. The liberated S.African blacks have been greeting the liberated Zimbabwean blacks by burning them to death, necklaced with rubber tires. (You've seen the video, yes?)

I trust that you, as an injustice collector, would like to do something about such prejudice.

Phillip Wedeen


The issue before us is you providing just one example of a released Gitmo detainee killing an american.
The book by Dick Morris, "Fleeced", does not recount any evidence that americans were killed by Gitmo detainees.
Stop being a jerk and give a specific.



The issue now is you avoiding the issue that you yourself raised.

How to resolve it: Stop being a boob-in-denial and read Dick Morris's book.

Dick Morris has made plain all over the media (not censored in People's Canada?) that FLEECED contains almost 50 examples of what these vicious fanatics have done after the Leftniki pressured US to release them. The examples include, but are not limited to, the killing of Americans.

If you find that Dick Morris is falsely representing his book, I will assume you know what to do about it in court. You are still permitted to practice, right?

Phillip Wedeen

so much for gringofantasy... sorry... no yanks killed by former detainees... not that they would'nt have a reason:


Phillip Wedeen

OBAMA BODY LANGUAGE: Yes, gringoman, we see Gordon Brown standing straight as a tree, strong as a rock, with the hand of Obama in the death grip of a kung-fu master. Obama, pulled off balance, the akido master Brown leveraging the force of the Barak handshake against Barak himself (the hallmark of a true martial arts master).
This can only mean that the torture lovin' Republican readers of Gringoman should find that only John McCain, whose hands are always held low, is equipped to be the next imperialist leader.
Yes, we see, we see!
The Body Language, the prime minister, the candidate, the election.... and the handshake from one socialista to another.

Does your audience know that the editorship of MilitaryCorruption.com, including you, appears in the zeitgeist film 9-11 Ripple Effect claiming that the US Gov't was behind 9-11?

What's that, your readers think so, too?


Michael N. Landis,

We are a nation of laws, and the laws are increasingly bad ones. Obama will be President, we agree. He will accelerate production of bad laws and spur the inevitable collapse that is coming.


Are you a good law or a bad law? Let the woodcutter awaken. America spread out like a buffalo skin.. Where is your Whitman now?
Not even the vast armies which envelop the world in an effort to protect the self annointed children of priviledge, god's corpulant Boleto subject, can provide the security (always security) in the self absorbed american mind. So that too, the sound of the black hooded torturers whip, that cracking snake, cannot quell the anguish or assuage the fear. By electrocution of the genitals or the bayonet ripping the womb until even the jackel in judicial robes, crys, "Enoughh, Basta Ya!, NO More Screams! Yet the Gringo's ghoul cogetates over a wave of 'bad law' that he fears will yank the unearned priviledge and place it in the hand of those whoin his mind worship a strange god. What is an army funded by trillions which cannot exorcise the demon of fear or blunt the dull knife? Trillions of dollars versus the people's will and the american falange cannot sleep because well fed stomachs carry insecure minds; insomniacs watching each other on television, nitpicking one another.
Torture: A good law or a bad law? Why torture yourself?


Guadalajara, July, 2008

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