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May 22, 2007


Phillip Wedeen

Single men pushing 70 years tend to lose focus and ramble on all over the map. Gringoman is a perfect example here. One cannot fathom if the above manifesto is meant to be a screed or vice-versa.
Every neo-fascist bete noir under the sun has been thrown in for good measure. One might say there is nothing left to debate; and precisely the point, for there is nothing but a list of complaints and a parade of horribles that shows that the world and the party which Gringoman has invested his life has passed him by...
Crisp, sharp as a tack prose can become the basis of debate on the merits; but there is none of that here.

Two howlers though: Gringoman whines that there is no longer a "national author like Mark Twain", as if the neocon lazyboy flatscreen wannabe's actually read; and Gringoman is completely unaware of Twain's socialism.
Well Gringoman, the second howler goes to your photograph (as if rank and file torture loving republicans even know the inverted flag is a distress signal). Look, to make you feel better reach down and grab your ankles and look at the photo from between your legs. The american flag is now face up and on top while the mexican flag is inverted and on the bottom... and you gringoman along with your 70yr old body is the only one feeling distressed.


So Comrade Kook from Canada is back again? OMG! These ancient weirdos, feeding on the corpse of their Daddy Marx, never seem to die, they just cliche away about the "fascists" and the "racists" and the "imperialists" and "the neo-cons,", like their idol the octogenarian Commandante Fidel ("Get me a white doctor from Spain, you flocos!") Castro.

How tragic for human reason that some of these fools have even managed to wheedle their way through law school back during the heyday of the "Soviet Worker's State." And now they've survived into the era when their socialist inspirations in Canada, Germany, even, alas, France, have all gone conservative. It's got to be rough, surviving as the living dead, and kvetching about your more intelligent peers.

Here's an idea for Comrade Wedeen, to prove that he's not just what the French call an idiot pseudo-savant, infected with a sad case of Bolshie Bloviating. Take a break from the banalities of "We The Smart Revolutionaries." Terminally pretentious doesn't work today. Cancel your subscription. Try action, for once in your stunted life. Contact the prog behemoth Michael Moore, (Remember, you and your fellow hulk have something poignant in common: an idolized octogenarian monster in Havana who gets excellent anti-imperialist bed pan service from "the People.") That's a good opening, your common worship of hoary El Maximo. Here's the follow-up: Offer to write and star in Moore's sequel that will slay them at Cannes: 'Son of Sicko.'

Phillip Wedeen

Screw the Pooch, Gringoman, you ought to go back and re-read your copy above because you sound like the unibomber.
A partial list of Gringo topics covered above:

The Inverted Flag
Lack of American "ideology"
Shrill Media
Illegal aliens
Highway Death
Secular/Progressive Cotton
National Author (socialist Mark Twain)
Amalgam of Compassionate Belief
Big Government
Entitlements for the Masses
High Taxes
Fearful Whites
Browining America
White Guilt
sub-literate Catholics
Papel Payoff
Crushing the Republican Party
Cheap labour
Cheap Votes
Caucasian Sterility
Hispanic Fertility
Islam (always Islam..)
Ted Kennedy
Homosexual rights (Gringo got his)
Al-Queda (gotta throw that in)
People's Gov't (can't be havin' that)
chain migration
non-european migration (is there a whiff of racism? nah, gringo just loves euros)
Bernard Lewis ("considered to be the gratest living scholar on Islam" a fact pulled from gringo-ass)
Trillions for Welfare
Worried Elites
balkanized america
big bureacracy
Smart Founding Fathers....

all you are missing Gringoman, is a snappy uniform and an appeal to the fatherland; or was that your appeal?


Speaking of Uni-bummers, Wedeen again is impressed by his talent for loony legalniki, He seems to think that his law school lefty litany, posing as a reasoned critique of the incisive COMPASSIONISM, USA, would impress anyone except his jurors, carefully selected for their dumbo traits.

Wedeen, you live as an intellectual shyster. Are you determined to die as one, with no hope of redemption? True, I have little hope for your colleague, the Chilean Che-wannabe Eduardos, but whenever he gets his mouth away from the red vino of vindictiveness and bourgeois self-abuse (rare, of course)it seems he might be able to help his Kooky Comrade from Canadastan. I sometimes think he might even be intelligent and honest enough to explain to you that the most sinister racism on the planet today is the racism of the self-proclaimed anti-racists. It's as polluting as the racism of the Right ever was. I know, you can't get your (sic) brain around the obvious fact that your liberal and lefty human deviants, declaring how they are "down with brown," are in fact intent on importing a slave class into the U.S. which will do their bidding on their lawns etc, and more importantly at the dumbed-down ballot box, allowing diseased "anti-racists" like (do we need to name the obvious, aside from your comrades, Mexico's Narco-Republica and the Fidelista fops who see how cleverly their Castro functioned as bearded Race Racketeer) to seize what they lust for: POWER.

This is all probably too much for you to assimilate in your present condition of proto-psychotic politicobabble. You obviously need a break from struggling for The Revolution. You're not interested in getting into a Michael Moore prequel, like "SON OF SICKO"? Okay. Why not check out Havana and your favorite People's Dictator, the Octo-Maximo? Maybe you can advise him on how to sue the Imperialist Pharmaceuticals for not lowering his drug costs?

ps. For Havana, don't forget to bring toilet paper and Lux for las chicas on The People's street corners and The People's park benches. (Yes,in your case, you can make it los chicos instead.)

Phillip Wedeen

You are insufferable, Gringoman, and have provided us with yet another interminable gaggle of labels and slogans without any cogent analysis. Tant pis!
Since I will be leaving my post at UCLA for the summer recess and returning to Quebec, you may sit here and babble on about i-pods and co-ed dorms while deciding if you shall part your hair from behind.
I spoke with our comrade just two weeks ago. His silence here is the result of being called by the Bachelet gov't to take up diplomatic post in Spain. He comes from a long line of family to have served Chile in the diplomatic corps and Gringoman may know of his uncle Jorge; who did serve in Cuba and wrote of his posting by Allende and eventual expulsion by Castro.
As the unread american right cannot parse the difference between a Sartre and a Camus, or, a Castro from an Allende, it is reduced (like Gringoman) to a charecature and beomes the object of worldwide derision.
Throwing out more labels Gringoman- this time Castro and Michael Moore- only contributes to the amusement of seeing a befuddled man sprinkling his holy water on perceived demons. Demons which represent a world which he cannot understand.
I have an english copy of the Edwards book, shall I send it on?


It's bracing to be accused of "throwing out labels" by ideos who specialize in berating "the American fascists," or "imperialists" or "racists" or "cowboys" or "neo-cons" or "Islamophobes." I.e., does the professor (or whastever) at the UCLA campus soviet (or whatever) mean to condemn "labelizing" or commend it?

Look, I'm trying not to think of you as another pompous acadummy. But you've got to help. If you feel you and Comrade Eduardos were unfairly characterized as sucking up to, or otherwise supporting El Octo-Maximo of Cuba, here's your chance to straighten out the world. Make plain your view of Castro. Is he a despot or not? Fess up. This is off-campus.

Congratulations to Comrade Eduardos on his diplomatic posting to the Iberian Peninsula. Does this mean he opposes it being re-taken for the Caliphate of al-Anadalus? Or does the fact of his Islamic clients prevent him from answering direct questions?

Is the Comrade's book in decent English? Has it been properly proof-read? Does it have anything to offer the literate and worldly, the non-kooky, the rational?

If the answer is yes, of course I'd be glad to receive a copy---although I'd prefer a bi-lingual edition, to check up on the original screed.

Michael N. Landis

Dear Dan,
You seem to be joining the Lou Dobbs xenophobs and populists now that your (former) favorite, Shrub Jr. is going down to Dim political Dis. One reason the Mexicans and Central Americans are flooding into America is our subsidized corn is flooding their economies, thus impoverishing and ruining the small farmers. Also, the factories which went south just a few short years ago to Sonora and Chihuahua are now heading on to Bangla Desh, the Phillipines and whereever else the multi-nationals can find even cheaper labor. Besides, a Mexican can earn more in a day of laboring in the U.S. than he makes in a week south of the border, so why shouldn't he "Go North?" It seems poetic justice that the carpenters, dry wall hangers, etc., who wouldn't let blacks into their unions a generation ago are now being supplanted from their unionized $20/hour jobs by non-union illegals willing to do the job for half that amount! My sollution:allow the illegals to become legal if they agree to sign on a a Centurion for an enlistmet in the Legion, err, I mean Army and Marines, thus filling the gaps in our broken military. On the other hand, if we followed this policy, perhaps they would get the same idea that the German tribesmen who, once let into the the legions and allowed to migrate across the northern frontiers of the Empire, opted to take power and wealth from their enfebled , deracinated masters. In any event, what you and Lou desire ain't gonna hapen, despite your xenophobic ruccus. It is too valuable to both the Republicans and the Democrats, for utterly different reasons, to allow in as many "illegal" aliens in as possible. Besides, isn't there a bit of bad faith here, trying to "close the moat," since we ourselves--or at least our ancestors-- were immigrants, too, and the only authentic Americans were the Native Americans??!!

Michael N. Landis


Hey Michael,

Welcome to the gringo Free Speech Forum! It's good to see any "progressive" venture out of the group think ghettos of the Left and try out Nation-researched platitudes with un-anointed americanos. However, the problem with your Lou Dobbs cliche is that I've never seen Lou Dobbs. Do you have any better stereotypes handy to "enlighten" us with? However, I have seen the Great White Hope of the Democrats, Bubba Man, who you of course fail to mention when trotting out the old truism about Mexican peons driven North due to corn crisis engendered by Free Trade Agreements with U.S. Wake up, Michael! We knew that over 10 years ago! Where have you been--besides reading Counterpunch for the latest anti-imperialist "revelations"? You fail to mention, while "instructing" us, how the Clinton Machine/Bubba rammed NAFTA through a reluctant U.S. Congress? Do you have anything new to say, besides repeating Gringo Truths that anyone can find at gringoman.com? E.g. both Donks and Pubs, Business and neo-Bolshies want to flood the US with illegal immigrant anarchy for their own reasons. We know that. Do we have to repeat it one more time, so that even the "enlightened" progs will know that we know? Snap out of it, Michael. This isn't The Nation Summer School. Try to make this interesting, not just a re-hash of gringommentaries while asserting gringo ignorance of your platitudes.

But does this really matter to you? Sadly, I must wonder. Why? Well, it appears that since you, while dreaming wobbly dreams, also sipped the deadly Marxian Kool Aid a long time ago and, unlike the rest of us---including gringoman and other outstanding minds like even H.L. Mencken and Dostoyevsky, just to mention a few---thankfully in maturity discovered antidotes to the romantic poison, and are not dupes for the Lefty version of Rome and the Barbarians. The wise have learned to spit it out, Michael, and laugh at being branded "heretics" or "apostates." Sadly, to those who age and are still suffering from this youth poisoning, the flawed though undeniably great nation which sustains them--and by extension all civilization---while they kow-tow to Oriental-type despots like Fidel Castro---needs a good dose of calamity and upheaval so that the easily manipulated dummies (I mean The People) can take over, like their Havana Hotshot, from the Evil Capitalists. The Progressive Shysters who can make nothing but know how to say anything can rightfully rule the "stupid," i.e all who do not agree with their shysterhood.

Kindergarten is fun, Michael. Even adults can enjoy being lambasted by the little tykes---in moderation. Everything in moderation, Michael---even the Sophomore's Revolution.

Michael N. Landis

For a radical like myself to post on gringoman.com is like a bargain basement version lefty coming on O'Reilly's "No Spin Zone" (or is it "The Factor"?): between the shout-downs, insults and slogans there's just no winning (though I hope at least--unlike gringoman.com--that the lefties who venture onto FOX are at least remunerated for their verbal whippings)! Instead of addressing the issues I presented, you trot out the same old chestnuts! It is just like the old CPers during the 1950's and 1960's ranting about the "Hitlerites", "Trotskyites" etc. etc. In short order my eyes glaze over. Instead of your tired slogans, how about addressing the issues??!! What you don't seem to understand is that the multi-national corporations could care less about what American working- and middle-class think, let alone about what old isolationist cranks, like yourself, believe. The power and sovereignity of the nation-state has now been superceded by the power and covereignity of the corporation, and there is precious little you can do about it except cry in the wind.




Welcome to the den again, where logical discourse is reccommended and encouraged, even from self-proclaimed "progressives." I was surprised to find you comparing gringoVision to the old discredited Lefties. I thought the standard "progressive" tack, as with the Canakook etc, is to charge "war mongering" and "racism" and "imperialism" or (a particular favorite of the Comrade Wedeen) neo-fascism. Lately that pretentious prog even resorts to age-ism, poor legal idiot.) Or are you just trying out some heresy for a change?

Look, your logic might be interesting. You might even have a point.(I doubt it, but you're encouraged to show otherwise.) So we must ask, why don't you actually make your odd point instead of deluding yourself that ad hominem attacks and pc platitudes about Bad Capitalism (implying Good Socialism)are doing the job for you? I want to see how you differ from much of the lefty Blogosphere Comments, Michael, not what you have in common with them. I know you have potential. I've seen your library and I know what you think about the anti-imperialist Fidel Castro---El Commandante who inspired Michael "Sicko" Moore and never worked for Haliburton

You say that instead of addressing the issues you raised, I blah-blah-blah-blah.

Michael, let's take this slowly. I want to grant that you, unlike a DU or Kos Kiddie, are polemically serious. I know you are concerned about Big Issues and feel that non-Progs are woefully ignorant or blind to the Corporate Monolith etc. That's why I want to encourage you not to act like a pol on Meet The Depressed. I want you to say what you mean, MIchael. Leave the smoke about "the issues I did not address" to the sophomores in bloglandia. State the issue(s) you mean. Smoke isn't enough. It sounds like a typical lefty (and I hate to say that.) Instead of blowing smoke, say what you mean. WHAT issue? Say it. State it. Get it out where everybody can see what you think you mean instead of just blowing smoke in our faces. Maybe you think you already stated it in previous comment. Not good enough, Michael. Infelicitous assumption. That's known as begging the question, or copping the out. If I was derelict in not answering an "issue", could you possibly specify what so-called "issue" you mean and how I failed it? It's called playing fair, MIchael. Progressives believe in that, right? Generalities about your opponent's failing to appreciate your shiboleths don't cut it, MIchael. That's not debate. That's dodge ball.

So, take anything you feel that gringoVision, unlike Nation subscribers, is running from. You can even toss in some little ad hominems if you want to sidetrack from the fact that gassy generalizing (which we can all do, it can be fun)is avoiding specifics, even when it is fun. It's a typical tack of the bloviator, something I know you don't want to be seen as. We should bloviate only (1) if we're actually saying something in addition to or despite the bloviation or (2) when we have nothing to say but hate to admit it.

Repeat: You can ad hominem the reactionary non-progressives, if you like. That's liberal human nature. Not being a socialist ---whether or not I ever was---I have little hope of ever changing human nature. But the ad hominems are a waste unless you can also show exactly what you think and how your opponent fails the test. To do that, Michael, you have to be clear, focused and specific. Leave the gas to the Sorosphere.

That's not asking too much, is it?

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