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July 04, 2006



Mein Gott!


Actually, shouldn't you make that meinen gotter, or some other plural? The Valkyries were too pre-Christian for "Mein Gott!" But maybe you do have a point. Coulter as Valkyrie seems to be converting.

Phillip Wedeen


Why is that mythological horseman wearing sunglasses on his chest?

You certainly have a thing for this warrior stuff. I'll even bet you wish that the military play a much more prominent role in the day to day affaires of state.

Also, one gathers that election time in amerika is drawing near... because it is time to up the fear mongoring. I even heard GWB say that he is steadfast against the marriage between a man and a flag.

Phillip Wedeen

You quoted Gibbon out of context and by omission create the opposite impression of the passage; that being that the muslims were victorious because their enemies were weak and and disunited.

Gibbon's Decline & Fall is hardly the last word on Roman History being about 200yrs old itself. But even so, is inapplicable to the current conflict in Lebanon because the aggressors are Israeli. It is the IDF which is invading.
Gibbon may be prescient is another sense: The decline & fall of the two-state solution. The world is overwhelmingly opposed to the state policies of the Likud regime and this latest crisis may portend the future of the israeli body politic; that of a unitary secular state.

Phillip Wedeen

Gringoman: I thought you were dead! I tried getting NYC Obits here in Montreal but to no avail.
Where have you been hiding?

Your AUG2 remarks regarding the illegal invasion and war crimes committed by Israel make no sense. Fisrt you ramble on ad-nauseum, and second, why would the "armies of god" want to make war on the "god's chosen people"?
It all sounds like autophagy.
Perhaps the only way out is for Israel to declare itself a secular society and stop the apartheid shenanigans.
In the hermit kingdom of bloggers where all things are beautiful and an "iraqi dentist" is now a zionist, the british colonel in charge of public relations has published a book calling the "brothers" an american disinfo campaign run out of Ft Dix, USA!
Sac Le Bleu! I am shocked, shocked!

Phillip Wedeen

How long have you been in LEESBURG with Lyndon LaRouche?

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