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April 17, 2006


Phillip Wedeen

Lat me guess, "macho-man" would take 'em out first!

Got it.

Nuke'em, right Gringoman?

I can see Gringoman astride a nuke decending on Teheran, a la Slim Pickens in Dr Strangelove.

This should help Securitania, drop a few nukes. Do it for Israel. Get a few talking heads on Fox with their chins buried in their necks, and speaking with gravitas:

TH1: " Going nuclear is our only option for the security of the national interest"

TH2: " That's right. This has become for Israel, an existential arguement. The president had no choice."

TH1: " The president acted unilaterly under the war powers act and persuant to the patriot act. He can nuke first as long as he notifies congress within sixty days that he has launched a nuclear war"

TH2: "Clearly, if anyone uses rhetoric which the president interprets as being rhetoric aimed at Israel, then launching preemptive nuclear war is justified to protect the interests of securitanians."

TH1: "Nobody can diss Israel and avoid a nuclear conflagration. Securitania must stand tall! This will help. like slavery, acheive the manifest destiny"

( TH= Talking Head)



Your latest grab-bag of "progressive' platitudes and nit-witticisms and even imaginary gringo-isms is exceptional. Invent a "U.S." position on Iran, while denying us your own "sage" counsel and "alternative" on what to do about nuclear mullahs. Congratulations: You have fully earned your credentials as a real live Cana-kook. Your nerudista mentor (colleague too, right?) must be proud, not to mention relieved that you have his back in weaseling out of the Islamo Manifesto question. Just be careful, or we'll put other questions to test your talent for running and hiding and playing legalniki dodge ball.

Phillip Wedeen

Do you really think that the coming war with Iran will serve the interest of securitania?
Why not just place another lock on your front door? Or perhaps another security firm (that employs illegals) to guard the your gated communities? Or perhaps ID cards with holographs for the gardener?
The hermit kingdom of bloggers, where all things are beautiful and an Iraqi dentist writes whatever he is told, is really pushing the nuke thing!
No chance of blowback? Nah!
We're talking democracy here! Do a little 'naugarating. They'll stand up and we'll stand down and we're makin' progress; it's hard work.
Them slaves "were necessary for the american manifest destiny", eh Gringoman?
So now we got mullahs with nukes, or soon we will have mullahs with nukes. Mullahs that murdered their own people and are hiding their nukes from weapon inspectors. Nukes that moved in secret convoys to Syria.
You Busheviks are wingnuts, extrodinnaire!

scott edwards

The anti-intellectualism of the right wing must reduce every issue, no matter the complexity, to sloganeering. Thus the unwashed are treated to a good vs evil cartoon easily digested. The purpose is to draw in the reader, to be included and identified. "You're on our team chum". Forget the rationale, and do not question the manner or means to be employed (in this case nuclear war) for we are teammates and it is essential that we win.

For those with even an ounce of curiosity of how the world works here is an article that lays out the dilemmna. Neo-fascists will hate this because it shows the efficacy of diplomacy over brute force:


ps. You won't see much of this discussed even by the american government.
Gringoman, the educated, will help any of you with the bigger words.


Speaking of wingnuts and sloganeering, both of you professional proglodytes get a sick kick out of shucking and jiving and slurring the brave Iraqis in Baghdad, like Omar the young dentist, who knows and lives what you will never know and live, as we see in this latest post. Read it, then look at your progressive selves in the mirror. Well, try. Go on. Try..

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Kill us, but you won't enslave us.
Last week we stopped writing for a while and we apologized to our readers saying that we lost a close friend but we didn't want to give more details as we were overwhelmed by an exceptional situation and a huge shock. We also were afraid from writing more about this subject for security concerns but now I think I must share this with you as it's part of the pain and suffering my nation is going through.

Last week our little and peaceful family was struck by the tragic loss of one of its members in a savage criminal act of assassination. The member we lost was my sister's husband who lived with their two little children in our house.
He was a brilliant young doctor with a whole future awaiting him, the couple were the top graduates in their branch of specialty. They had to travel abroad to get their degrees and the war started while they were there but months after Saddam fallen they decided to come back to help rebuild the country and serve their people.
We welcomed them with all love and care, we would sit and talk everyday about our hopes and dreams for a better future for the new generation and for their two little children. We realized that time is needed before they could have a secure and prosperous life and we were satisfied with the little we could make because we believed in the future.
.....COMPLETE at http://iraqthemodel.blogspot.com/2006/04/kill-us-but-you-wont-enslave-us.html

Phillip Wedeen

Lrt me try to understand the hermit kingdom of bloggers logic here:

An Iraqi "dentist" tells you that he lost a family member to violence, ergo his blog cannot be ghostwritten.
Got it. Does Miguel Washington subscribe to this view?


Earth to the learned Wedeen of Canada: Omar is probably the best known Iraqi blogger in the world. Your case reminds us why the French say 'idiot savant.' and gringo-Vision says 'Cana-kook.'

Phillip Wedeen

Famous he is!!!
But in addition to his linguistic fingerprint as evidenced by the written word, he is not Iraqi.

Now here are two more bits:

Way back when IRAQTHEMODEL began, it was said that Omar and Mohammed were psudonyms for obvious security concerns. Now by revealing the story of the 'deceased doctor and relative' hasn't their cover been blown?
Second, there is a website in English that carries the names and circumstances of civilian deaths in Iraq. There was a murdered doctor on the list from about two weeks ago; a woman.

To be clear, I don't doubt the existence of the "young dentists(s)", however there is good evidence that the blog is authored by americans.

The comparison of the frustrating slow speed at which a unity government is being formed to a plot of a slow moving mexican tv novella should show you that Omar is a beard for army intel.

You are not alone in buying into the fairy tale as evidenced by the gushing commentaries from the hermit kingdom of bloggers. But to say that these "iraqis" speak for their countrymen is a bit like saying that Ward Churchill speaks for americans.
Keep the faith!



let's drop the typical proggish attempt to blow smoke, as when you wonder if these Iraqi brothers "speak for their countrymen," (you manage to contradict yourself already, after calling them "American,"--but for humanitarian reasons, we'll let you slide.) Who they speak for is obviously an open ender, like discussing whether you speak for "your countrymen" or whether you can look in the mirror after slandering the brave. Clear away the smoke and do what weasels rarely do:Answer a simple, funadamental question. Are you saying these brothers are not in fact writing their famous blog? Yes or no? I say yes, they are. This gives you one of three choices (1) answer like a non-weasel who isn't hiding in a law book (2) do the opposite and claim the evidence is not conclusive,a "position" no one else takes, with the possible exceptio of the semi-deranged like your colleague Eduardos (3) continue with your learned hallucinations.

Phillip Wedeen

Here is an interesting bit from the "young iraqi dentist":

Friday Apl 21: Jawad Who?

"If you listened to our top leaders at their press conference yesterday..." OMAR goes on to decribe the apparent willingness of JAWAD to perhaps step aside.
However, each and every fact cited by OMAR is contained in the NYTIMES THURSDAY APRIL 20 article entitled, "Shite Drops Bid to Keep Post as Premier", and ONLY those facts conatined in the article are mentioned by Omar.
What a coincidence!

In fact, the entire body of OPINION expressed by the brothers in ALL posts are in perfect sync with the PROVISIONAL OCCUPYING AUTHORITY.
For example, Condi Rice appeared recently in Bagdhad, after a visit to England, and chided the Iraquis to quickly form a "unity gov't"; and echoed by OMAR the very next day.
These "dentists" are amazing, for over the broad range of issues, topics, stategey, and tactics, they are in complete sympatico with the occupiers; both on the substance of every issue and with the exact same timing as raised by the coalition. Nothing less and never more!
All this in addition to doing root canals!

Phillip Wedeen

Our posts have crossed, and I just now read your response.
I thought I was clear. Linguistically, the Iraq blog is written by an american, college educated and from the east coast. The "brotheres" thus are of no consequense to the content of what is published because they did not author it.
In addition to the american idioms and metaphors is the content wich I have highlighted above.
It really does not matter who is taken in by this blog. I have cited reasons to justify my conclusion.So far Gringoman has only bandied about names and labels without going into the substance of the allegations raised.

Again, and without rancor, I am curious to learn what a representative from the right thinks on the merits.

scott edwards

As a thinking man you ubdoubtedly form a belief system based on empiricism.
Back in '04 while I was still residing in the USA I came across an anomoly regarding IRAQTHEMODEL which I will share with you here:
First was a BBC/Reuters article (29June04) entitled "Iraqis Seek More Than Symbolism"


As you can see the article recounts in excruciating detail the handover by the CPA to a Provisional Iraqi Gov't some two days ahead of the announced schedule. On the next day IRAQTHEMODEL claims to have seen the transfer of power on Al Jazeera; quite a feat since nobody in the press corps learned of the transfer until a press conference two days after it occured.

There was no Al-Jazeera footage and Mohammeds' "tears of pride upon seeing via satellite the handover of power to a Iraqi civilian government" was sheer fantasy. I wasn't alone in this observation: (slide down to comments by Joseph, July 7, 2004).


If you still have faith in the 'young dentists' you'll need to overcome their use of american english (none were schooled in the USA, indeed much fanfare was made in there recent first visit to Washington DC), their total commitment to the US position on every issue, and their access to information excluded from the press corps.

Idioms like 'C'mon' or 'God Bless You' are so far remote from ESL speakers in the Mid-East.
"C'mon" being restricted to speakers in the NE USA, as Commonwealth speakers would invert it, "Com-on"
'God Bless You' a judeo-christian idiom.

scott edwards

Chin up man; no need to sulk. You are certainly entitled to your opinions and I want to thank you for your gracious patience with me.
I came across these articles in the NYRB (hardcopy) and knowing your appreciation for the arts your name came to mind as I was reading.
Apropos elizabethian lit (and a touch of the iraqi dentists) is this fecinatiing piece on Marlowe. I wasn't aware of Shakespeares admiration of Marlowe 'til now:


After reading this piece on Marlowe I wonder if Shakespeare was truly the statist critical historians like A L Rowse claim.

Shifting gears and inspired by your etchings on this blog I thought you might enjoy this piece.. a disagreeable man producing some of the most inspired art in western civilization:


"Draw Antonio, draw! Don't waste time." There is as much wisdom in that admonition as there is beauty in the 'Pieta'.

scott edwards

Sorry to harp on this however it seems as if "Omar" has bungeled it again. After giving a blow by blow exact timeline on the Iraqi Parliament Vote of 22 Apl he got the vote count completely wrong.

I pointed this out in the comments section:

"You army intel guys gat the vote count wrong! Better fix it, quick."

Guess what? Just like Rollingbarrage, when you post a comment that runs antithetical to the 'party line', it gets deleted!

Anna K. Hernandez

I Love mike Y soy moajda



You're curious about the workings of "right" mind? Do you have a clue as to what "prog mind" looks like to the rational, as it tries to do an Orwell on the world's best known Iraqi blogger? Let me get this straight. You say Omar is a "fraud" because (1)he uses some American expressions--like millions of other non-Americans do with their English (do you feel slighted as a Canuck?) and (2) he agrees with Americans that the best thing for Iraq would be a democratic and preferably not religious extremist government? and (3)in addition to the volumes of personal detail, often very poignant, and translations from the local press that he gives in his heroic blogging, and often displays his extensive knowledge of Iraq history, he will also sometimes use material even from the NY Times?

And on this basis you're ready to make a defamatory ass of yourself? Or are you trying out for a part in a student production of 'Animal Farm'?

By the way, if you have any intelligent evidence that Omar is not what thousands know him to be, cough it up. Otherwise, it sounds like you're blaming him for an abcessed tooth.

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