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April 03, 2006


Phillip Wedeen

"... Yes, Vive por todos built on our lands! I was reading, Jorge... No, not My Pet Goat, I was reading about your courts and emminent domain. Be afraid, amigo. Be very afraid."


"Vicente, maybe you need to (re)read My Pet Goat...I believe it's now available in the comic books that 99% of your people devour...."


"our lands"

Whose lands?

Phillip Wedeen

Uh-oh, looks like at least one person in Securitaina is looking to commence an action to quiet title to land. Et tu, Brian, tambien?

Speaking of the pervasivness of the Mexican press among its citizens, there is an almost mystical attachment to mexican media among the hermit kingdom 'intelligencia', where all things are beautiful and an Iraqi dentist writes on 3/29 regarding the formation of a unity government:

"..these negotiations have much in common with those thousand-episode Mexican series. You can skip ten episodes and then come back and find things exactly as you left them."(Mohammed, IraqtheModel)

The is a certain Milli-Vanilli quality to 'Mohammed''s viewing habits, yet apparently swallowed whole by the 214 commentators on his blog. If taken at face value then Mexico has a powerful invisible export; perhaps as powerful as this messege being universally absorbed.
That is, "non-american is un-american".

Mr Bush, beholden to his base, missed his best chance to reform the immigration issue with President Fox, himself beholden to the oligarchs.
Now that millions have marched, Fox will stonewall on a comprehensive solution because of the nationalistic fervour engendered.
Securitains will not fare any better with "El Peje" come July; and a movement to raise the issue regarding the Treaty of Hidalgo backed by the newly formed socialist alliance throught South America comes to the fore.

For the ordinary mexican who bypassed the "keep-out" sign in favour of the "help wanted" sign comes this orwellian messege from your congress:

"We will either put you on the road to citizenship and embrace you as a fellow securitanian, or we will label you a felon, imprison and deport you"

Anything non-american is un-american. But when the hermit kingdom of bloggers consume mexican novellas via (sic) Bagdhad as readily as french fries, one gets the impression that solving an issue is the last thing desired.


You seem to have no dog in this fight, since you're not in this country. So I'm not sure why you would spend any energy on the subject.

That said, any claim to this land by Mexico or Mexicans is pure foolishness. The Indians who preceded the Spaniards might have a stake in that debate. But who really gives a damn, other than the Mexicans? We stole it fair and square.

What seems to escape the Aztlan believers is the paradox of their position: we want to retake the land "stolen" from us, so that we can make it into the land we're escaping from.


scott edwards

I beg to differ. If you were following Gringomn's "Reconquista: It's War" the issue being put forth by the american far-right bloggers was that the demonsrations supplanted the american flag with the mexican flag. The whole spin was that these persons are not interested in assimilation as americans as evidenced by their fielty to the mexican flag.
Second, the issue of which country owns the land is not of paramount concern politically. The inference being however that one of results of the criminalization/deportationof millions of persons will have a tremendous adverse effect on US/Latin American relations. I can report here that this issue is 24/7 news in all of South America. What subject surfaces in a Bella Vista cafe or in a Ricoleta resturant?
Arrest. Deportation. Invaribly, some will ask how did the US wrest this land away from Mexico?
Will South America go to war over this issue?
Only symbollically.
I can only add that america seems to be distancing itself from traditional allies all over the globe and suggest that some of this may be the result of Washington policy.



Let's assume, for the sake of sanity, that these two progressives are being perfectly sincere, principled and coherent (even though they haven't even been able, since March 01, to give a simple yes or no on whether they endorse the anti-Islamist Manifesto I've cornered them with.)The Canadian progman Wedeen reveals his cocoon character yet again by mocking a young Iraqi who is living through and bravely blogging what proggie himself sees as the U.S.-caused anarchy and murderous mayhem in Baghdad. (And the leftniki wonder why they don't have more admirers, despite their subsidized media.) Edwards gloats about the traditionally anti-American media which he discovers--surprise--are going to dance the same old Fidel Fandango again. This is the game where latin elites escape the people's wrath by pointing to the Yankees. It's the same game the massively corrupt Arab elite play against Israel. Everyone knows the latins are so humunngously corrupt and incompetent that millions of their people feel they have to flee to Yankee land. It's a very ignoble and tired game, but the "intellectuals" and "anti-imperialistas" must keep playing it. What would happen to their bolshevized butts otherwise? And then both of the progmen---or is prog personas now more pc?--join hands while wagging their free ones and warning---oh, are you ready for this---the coming artillery from the tired old demogogues of latinosocialismo, putting on Castro's underwear, are going to get very anti-American? Por dios! Imagine that! The jealous, envious and corrupt getting jealous, envious and even more corrupt?

You know what? There are things I have liked about South America and yes, even Canada. But this dilapidated drone is annoying. Wedeen and Edwards, despite appearances, are not just isolated ideoloons. The virus has spread in their societies. In fact, it's enough to make me wonder whether we really do need a movement to (1) give back South America to the Incas and (2) return Canada to the Eskimos.

Phillip Wedeen

Gringoman hits the proverbial nail on the head:
"...(sic)we really do need a movement..(2) return Canada to the Eskimos."

This belies the sick nature of the american psyche which is that of presuming what their fellow soveriegns need.
Father Knows Best.

A french friend told me that americans don't do nuance. I quoted what was blogged on IRAQTHEMODEL as evidence that the blog is ghostwritten. But for the idiots who really believe that the "young iraqi dentist" watches mexican novellas in Baghdad bespeakes the power of the mexican electronic entertainment media which transcends Gringomans assertion that 99% of Mexico is glued to comic books.
The rest of Gringomans response above is chaotic. The 'Arab elite playing Israel'is not at issue and statements made by Scott Edwards are not my own.

I think the messege from l'homme a droit is clear: One need not consider the efficacy of an argument if the speaker is not a fellow idealogue.

Thus americans should be ashamed and appauled that their House would enact legislation which would require convoys of military, house to house arrest, lists of names, helicopters with searchlights... block by block, street by street, the rounding up of millions.
The giddy hermit kingdom of bloggers, where all things are beautiful and an intelligence officer in Camp Pendelton has placed a sombraro on an Iraqi dentist, aim to fixate the reader on "the problem" while they craft their fascist "solution".
I am heartened that the american mainstream has repudiated the extremism of these falangist wannabes.

scott edwards

My erudite Gringoman:

Millions go to the US for jobs; the pay is better. Think of it if your son wanted to be a contractor in Iraq. It's the money. These people get jobs.

Is Gringoman aware that there are tens of thousands legal crossings by mexican nationals daily?
(I have property in Baja and at one time drove frequently between countries. Perhaps americans, so focused on mid-east events, are not aware of the changes in Latin America.)

Also, you are being disingenious on the subject of my reaction to the danish cartoons.
As I recall you first posted that the "Leftwing" didn't have a response to the Cartoons. I hope I corrected the record.
Then you Phillip many times if he would endorse the manifesto. I think he told you straight away that he, like I, thought that Fisk was right on the money.

No you go on with your race card: "Everybody knows that latins are so hummoungsly corrupt" Really?
You have written for years Gringoman.US (now Gringoman.com). I have read countless stories penned by you that lays blame for corruption and the "nation's woes" on american liberals.
You also host a website entitled MilitaryCorruption.com for some (5?) years and guess whos military is targeted in ALL of your investigations? (Hint: Not Chile's)
Give up? It's the USofA!

I'll give you a hint. If you will stop labeling me and other latins as something less that human, and focus on the content of the arguements presented perhaps you will win your already gullible readership.

BTW: Isn't it strange to you that an Iraqi dentist in Bagdhad would construct a metaphor out of Mexican soap operas? I even wonder how many americans, who rub shoulders with these (sic) felons, could come up with that one.


Looks like Wedeen has caught a case of nuance from his French friend, so much so that he sees nuance between the Mexican masses who read comic books and those who watch comic book TV. Or is this telenovelty another example of l'intellect de progue? Wedeen, is this one of the French who has stopped rioting in Paris for welfare, and is taking a hire-no-fire offer from you? Maybe he can teach you that there are so many satellite receivers in Iraq that people can even pick up Mexican soap operas--but you must promise not to stop his paycheck just because he tried to save you from sounding like a stupid oaf, slurring one of today's most respected and best known bloggers in Iraq who is living through tragedy instead of ideologuing it like a sanctimonious nitwit. Be a good socialista with your nuanced friend, even when le gouvernment is not subsidizing it.

American Daughter

Great drawings. You are one primo artist, Gringoman!


Professor Eduardos,

I thought you were an instructor in "Critical Thinking"? Why do you keep forcing me to put you in the Assistant Professor seat? You say "millions go to the U.S. for jobs." And so? Didn't you say you teach college level? Why are you droning on with elementary school factoids? Oh, wait. Maybe you're trying to produce more Wedeens--a Chilean progo?

The Anti-Islamist Manifesto. You still try to dump your answer on poor Pride of the Dhimmis, Robert Fisk. Nobody is aksing Fisk. And if it's your legal machinations for the Umma that keeps you playing dodge ball, maybe your protege Wedeen can do the heavy lifting for you. Don't you want to test his loyalty? Or see if he's able to articulate 'yes' or 'no' to a simple question?

Let's skip over the rest of your tired canards and stop at the one where I am instructed to see you and "other latins" as "human." Hombre, you don't get it at all, do you? Seeing your peers as corrupt and devious and hiding their incompetence behind a shrill facade of anti-Americanism means that, far from inhuman, I see them as "human, all too human," just as I see any americano, of any persuasion, to be corrupt if he does corruption. Try to digest this. It's pretty elementary. You should try. Oh, and the border crossing? Here again I wonder what grade level you're teaching. You instructed me that many "legals" cross the U.S. border. You must have forgotten that I granted that long ago. Or did you forget already? I made it clear that I had no grounds for suspecting that you used a coyote to smuggle you across the border. How could you forget? Additives in the local rojo this year?


American Daughter,

Thank you, my Dear. Now we have to convince the proglodytes.

scott edwards

Your lofty education which raises the tide of wisdom surely has not lifted the boats of your devoted readers. I have seen the wild theories, the bete-noirs, written by your ideo collegues armed only with a nativist instinct and the sword of rightous indignation.
Here are a couple:
"Pretty soon we will all be saying the Pledge of Alligence in Spanish" (Citizen Phil on Hannity)
Or This from NewsMax:
"Islamo fascists may have already infiltrated the USA via the southern border carrying suitcase nukes..."
Given what passes for truth among those who appreciate being greeted at WalMart, a simple statement about the daily norm at your border with Mexico can serve as a bromide to those who see the aliens portrayed in Men In Black as true "aliens".

Well comrade amigo you have called "all latins hummoungsly corrupt" and now you seek to clarify just what you mean. (It sounded racist but it wasn't racist, right?)
So now it appears that all latins are corrupt only inasmuch
we 'hide incompetence behind shrill anti-americanism'.
("Are you a good latin or a bad latin?") Otherwise, we latins who are F.O.G. (Friends of Gringos) have no need to "hide our incompetence" because we are pro-se american. So Gringoman, there is an ideo litnus test. There is a Monroe Doctrine.

Just what is this anti-americanism? It is a universal rejection of the repugnant policys of the Bush administration.

Lest one forget, the american uber-conservative has only one remedy; that of mass arrest and deportation, which once accomplished, will surely herald the american aryan rennaissance. These lawn chair fascists, unlike the Gringoman, have little formal education; just some vague notion of patriotism and a growing fear of complex world which has made them redundant.
These days I am heartened by the american mainstream. They have rejected this Sensenbrenner xenophobia. Gringoman may be leading you the reader on a Pilgrimage to Predappio however the preponderance of your countrymen understand the lack of humaanity in that approach.


Professor Comrade Eduardos:

Thank you for attempting to enlighten me on my countrymen. If you think they are now embracing the attempt of Latin America's blanco rulers to export their miserable failures to Yankee land, it sounds like your subscription to Wedeen's Le Devoir is fully paid. Either that, or you are as gulled by the yuppie Libstream media as most Americans used to be but no longer are. Wake up, Professor. Your media can't even hide fotos anymore, like good little Stalinistas. That game is over, with the Internet. While CNN shows you the sanitized version of illegal mobs doing in the USA what would get them imprisoned--at the least--in Latin America, the Internet immediately flashes the pictures you are not supposed to see. Hard times for Castrophiliacs.

As for making me responsible for the right-wing comments of others, does this mean you are ready to take responsibility for every leftniki comment about the Nazis in the White House, the Christian "homophobes" who cruelly oppose Roberto marrying Miguel, and the proglodyte theories that Bush was behind 9.11? RSVP.

By the way, I'm not calling the corrupt Latin rulers racist hypocrites, even though most are blancos and extremely few are indigena or negro. But if you'd care to explain why they are not racist hypocrites, no one here would even think of censoring you. But try to be honest.

Phillip Wedeen

"Give me your tired and your poor..."

scott edwards

Poor Gringoman has trouble getting out of his own way.
Poor man, if you would just read what I have posted you will see that you are almost completely exhonorated.
You did say however (in the language of racism, ingrained in the woof and warp of your white american culture) that "all latins are hummoungously corrupt" and seems here that you wish to attenuate that statement further by insinuating that this "hummoungous corruption" is localised to "blanco" latin leaders.
Do you have any idea what you are saying beyond that you feel that america is beyond reproach and everybody else can go to hell?
Now I am reading that Gringoman endorses slavery to aquit the "manifest destiny" of america. Man, are you a mystic in addition to being a supremicist?!

(See Gringoman comments July 12, 2005 9:33 AM on the necessity of slavery (the thread included in-toto to provide context)):


If Gringoman would just acknowledge his prescription for the undocumented in america, which includes military intervention to arrest and deport tens of millions instead of this gandy dancing, then people would know just where he stood.

Perhaps a thread on america's 'manifest destiny'? C'mon Gringoman, tell, tell. Sounds to me like the old 'white man's burden'.
Give us a few words. Mention how slavery was necessary to achive american destiny. Is this some axiomatic truism among the far right that can't be addressed except on secure fascist blogs such as Hannity?
Would the re-imposition of de jure chattel slavery (it can argued de facto existance already) assist america to hasten her destiny?



When you attempt to manipulate our Lady of Liberty for your imbeciles and liars, at least get the quotation right:

"Give me your weasels, your devious, your post-Stalinista shysters, your pale comrades doing the race hustle, in a word, your ignoble law-book-sucking BABs, the Bourgeois Anti-Bourgeois---give them to me, so that we can ship them north to Canada and spare our fair land such infection and other medical complications."


Professor Castrophiliac Eduardos: (Do you feel mischaracterized in any way?)

As someone who claims to be a learned legalniki, you still need work on basic terminology if you want to impress more than just the sophomoric che crowd and the Zombies of Progress like the Cana-kook Wedeen. The correct term for alien invaders of sovereign territory is not "undocumented." It's "illegal alien." You were graduated from a law school? In or out of Havana? Did they teach you what breaking the law means, Professor? It does not mean "undocumented." It means "illegal." If they didn't teach you that, you may have grounds for reimbursement of tuition. Until you demonstrate that you even understand basic terms like "illegal," there's no point in going any further with you. It would be easier to explain to a child, while he's licking an ice cream cone, what an invasion of sovereign territory means. I would suggest getting help from your protege, but can the child give succor to Big brother?

If you want to dredge up gringoman dicta on slavery, I'll help you out. You wont even have to do any laborious weasel work to get it. Ready? Here goes. The definitions of slavery, of course, have changed over the ages, as we see in Rome, the Antebellum South and today's Marxie Land. The pale comrades, desperate to camouflage their own racism, machinations and need to control, leap at every shred of "evidence" re American slavery and racism of the past. That way, they hope everyone will forget or ignore their revered great White Slavemasters, like the socialist "anti-fascist" Fidel Castro, who has ruled "his people" in Cuba for almost a half century. This odious tyranny gets a free ride from these "progressives." Their game is as hilarious and shameless as it is stale. In fact, it suggests that some of them, like Edwards, would have made good slaves in ancient Rome. The Romans had "affirmative action" for allegedly educated types, like Greeks, and even admitted them into their households. Edwards, as a Roman slave, might have warped the minds of only a few children, instead of whole classrooms.

scott edwards

Nobody gives a rats ass about the changing definition of slavery from roman times up to the present.
The issue before us is the proposed remedy at law by your government that would criminalize, arrest and deport, tens of millions of people. I am stating that the proposed policy is a solution on par with past fascist regimes and is unwise for the US in conducting a foriegn policy with Latin America. (Again, no one here has claimed that US does not have a right to control her borders)

But since the Gringoman has written that 'slavery was an important element necessary for america to achieve her manifest destiny' would it not also follow that Gringoman would also believe that explotation of people and countries is wholly justifiable so long as it serves the american interest.
If the "economic benefit" derived by "cotton exports (which)fueled the economy and helped the american manifest destiny" and "(Gringoman) would not have repealed slavery" then human rights are subordinate to american economic interests.
Isn't this a fair assessment of both Gringomans views and the historical policy of the US Government?

Phillip Wedeen

Gringoman is now asserting that the peoples coming to securitania in search of work are carrying infectous diseases.
Pity the old fool.



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