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March 01, 2006




Phillip Wedeen

So who showed up for the rally at the Danish consulate in NYC?

(ans.) A shock-jock with a bullhorn and a handful of neo-cons. Oh, there was also Bush-stenographers, Fox TV, filming the (sic) event. (Tight shots only please we need this to look like a real rally.) Buy Danish, buy Lego; that's the ticket.

Dan Cameron Rodill

Congratulations, Wedeen. You seem coherent enough to understand that a bold and significant Manifesto has been issued---out of Progressive Europe, no less. (Anyway, I'll give you the benefit of a doubt, how's that?) Now here's an opportunity for you: a chance to do more than just waffle, waiver, or bloviate at the "U.S. imperialists." Do you endorse said Manifesto Against Islamism? Yes or no? Remember, even a neo-marxie can be a mensch sometimes. Cases have been reported, whether verified or not.(If you need advice from your mentor first, okay. Go ahead and consult.We don't mind if he tells you what to do. But after that, you'll stand up and be counted, like a real Canadian Progman, right? Go for it.

Phillip Wedeen

Does Gringoman have anything other than the parochial view derived from the hermit kingdom of falangist bloggers?
How about moving a tad to the left and bring in the fascist NewsMax or the Leninist FrontPageMag?
BTW, Gringoman, how was the March down there in NY for Danish solidarity? Who were the other handful in attendance besides you, Prafke, & VonMaltzen. Get any new pieces for your Lego set?


Wedeen, you can rant but you can't hide. All or most of the signatories to that Manifesto are known, even famous, "progressives" or leftists. Does a Canadian crank "anti-imperialist" endorse the Manifesto or not? This is a golden opportunity for you to give evidence, despite appearances, that you are not just a leftnik weasel blathering about the "fascists." Carpe diem!

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