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February 03, 2006


Phillip Wedeen

Gringoman, "the sky is falling!" starts his latest en-voyage to europe with a link to the Horowitz FrontPageMag.com. (If ever there was a Leninist, it's Horowitz) Then he makes the usual round to the american fascist blog scene; that hermetic little world where the "mooslims" are les autres du jour, coming to get you and me... I am sooo afraid; j'ai peur!
This is a case of the neo-con buffons monitoring the cartoons in an effort to get lazy americans to accept fascism as the antidote to the "fears" they themselves have created through their own inadaquacies and small penises.
Did Gringoman know why Harry wore a Hitler suit to the halloween party?
(ans. His bin-Laden suit was at the cleaners)
There is only ONE solution!! George Bush and the Military!

Dan Cameron Rodill

Here is a comment, from the wildly popular GlennReynolds Instapundit site which gringoVision cannot resist re-publishing (Mr. Reynolds happens to be an INTELLIGENT holder of a law degree--a professor too. Proof is that the "I agree" at end of the comment is his.

Meanwhile, a reader from Belgium emails:

On the "dreadful mistake bit". Of course we Europeans (I am Belgian) have only ourselves to blame but Americans have to understand how fearful we are becoming of this violent minority in our midst. Muslims are already a majority in the lowest age groups in several large European cities. The potential for civil war is clearly there and what is even more worrysome is the dedication of most our governments to appeasement.

For the US State dept to seize this opportunity to burnish its image with the "muslim community" was only to be expected however and I am pretty sure that this is exactly the kind of noise our governments would want to hear from the US at this stage. So no harm done to us in any case. It will gain you zero goodwill from the fanatics, but it will not harm us. I do hope however that nobody at State dept really thinks that the fanatics have to be appeased and that those caricatures should not have been published. *That* would be a mistake of the first magnitude.

Bernard Vanden Bloock

I agree.

Dan Cameron Rodill

Here's url for very vivid series of fotos showing mooslim reaction around the world to cartoons of Mohammed (who they do not, of course, idolize) [hat tip to the relentless filipino-american troublemaker,Michelle Malkin]


Phillip Wedeen

Leave it to the neo-con to attempt to snow job lazy americans with BS like this:
"Muslims are already a majority in the lowest age groups in several large European cities."
(Does he mean among Parisians born within the last five minutes?)

Then "..we Europeans (I am Belgian) have only ourselves to blame..." For what?!
Typical neo-con nut! Start with a conclusion and work backwards!

scott edwards

We have heard the frantic voices of the american demogogues, so unable to parce out constitutionally protected protest from persons who are citizens or lawful immigrants and are demanding redress. Or the neocon unbridled anger; anger aimed more at those who oppose a fascist, militarist approach in dealing with domestic political opponents. (No wonder these american neo-con assholes live in gated communities; walled off from even their countrymen!)

So in an effort to diffuse the potentially explosive situation, and given my work on presenting american war crimes and atrocities committed in Iraq before the Hague, I met today with representatives of the Danish consulate in Santiago and , via phone patch with Copenhagens' Immans , to redirect the incohate and potentially explosive anger spurnned on by a leaderless mob. Feb 4, at some sixteen world capitols is a rally entitled, "The World Can't Wait: Drive Out The Bush Regime". There was tentative agreement that participants in muslim rally against the Danish government and press would join in with the Feb4 global protest to drive out Bush; the rationale being that the broad public participation would diffuse the incohate anger of those incensed muslim protesters.
There will be marches in Copenhagen, Madrid, London, Berlin and Paris (as well as here in Santiago Chile) The american majority which opposes this evil regime will meet in Washington DC:


It my sincere hope that a more targeted appraoch will provide both anger management and a more constructive process in helping provide a solution to the #1 cause of crisis in the world today.

Dan Cameron Rodill

Comrade Eduardos:

A mantra much beloved by the neo-coms and the greying 60's refritos suffering from advanced terminal marxitis: THE CAPITALISTS WILL SELL US THE ROPE TO STRANGLE THEM WITH. You know it well, no doubt.

But the work you cite--- so compassionate, so driven, so demented--- with the MooslimMarxola People's Front (and its "asshole" logic) indicates urgent need for updating: THE PROGS WILL DEFEND OUR RIGHT TO BEHEAD THEM LAST OF ALL.

Dan Cameron Rodill

Hey Wedeen,

Interested in a hot New England case? Sounds like it would be perfect for Edwards and his ACLU: defending the civil rights of a serial pedophile rapist. Unfortunately, Edwards, as you know, is currently defending the mooslims who are on a world rampage, setting embassies on fire, hurling death threats at their welfare benefactors in London, Paris, Copenhagen et al. He'd appreciate you helping out, no? He'd be glad to offer any legal expertise you might need, wouldn't he? Also, it could be a good location for a Canadian "anti-imperialist." The serial pedophile rapist is in Vermont. Conveniently located for you, no? The Judge in the case probably snapped. Edwards could advise you on work-arounds. And here's the no-brainer (for you, that is): Bill O'Reilly would be on the opposite side! You could be hailed as an ACLU hero, defending civil rights against the "American fascists." Think about it. My Vermont source can help you to contact the pedophile. Let us know, after you talk it over with advocate Edwards. Think what it could do for your left-wing reputation.

Dan Cameron Rodill

As the "Religion of Peace" burns the Danish Embassy in Damascus and ayatollahmobs in London vow "another 9.11" and pale progressives prefer to warn us about "Christian funadamentalists," here's the view of a real live Dane (hat tip to Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler)............

It’s very disappointing for the people of Denmark to see the US “Conservative” government together with the lossy Brits take their stand on the side of the howling Muslim mob. The strong condemnation of the 12 cartoons from US government, has only fueled the rage against our people and our fight for free speech.

We fully supports the US lead war against terror. Our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq are fighting on the same side as US and the shitty Brits.

It has been a prime argument in the public debate that we had an obligation to support US, because US was an allied that needs support. This argument about one of our friends need help, was in many cases enough to support the military intervention in Iraq.

We still support US even after the missing weapons of mass destruction and the Abu Gail pictures. Many Danes including me, always saw US as the good guy, the country that stood up against Nazism, Communism and fights for democracy and free speech.

One of my friends joked a bit today:
“I wonder if UK and US will disarm our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and turn them over to the angry mob. To boost their popularity in the Muslim world.” Things like that will newer happened, but as a Dane i feel that US and UK has betrayed on of their allies to gain more sympathy in the Muslim world.

But we have plenty of support in the continental part of Europa. Cartoons are printed all over continental Europa. Conservative, liberal and even socialist media prints the cartoons to defend free speech . Most important Germany and France takes our stand to protect our rights of free speech. The same two countries that condemned the invasion of Iraq !

The terror attacks in the London sub way forced the UK government into submission to Muslim pressure. We will never surrender to terror and intimidation. What will US gain in supporting the Muslim extremists ?


Comment by Bishop_Absalon — February 4, 2006 @ 3:42 pm


Phillip Weezel,

Hey you with "the small penis" complex (your words not mine). You are incoherent and messy in your delivery. What on earth are you actually saying, do you yourself know, or are you just a leftie troll caught in a time warp?

Your comments are rants with no succinct point to them, and culminate in vulgar insults that interest no one. Did you get lost on the way to Atrios where English seems to be a second language?

Speaking of the above, you need to consider dying on your feet a better option than living on your knees.

scott edwards

I tell my third year law students in Evidence to take a healthy dose of skepticism and think critically.
Gringoman too should heed this advice.
It seems that it is more important for the neo-con right to stay on messege even if that means to create fantasy. "Bernard Vanden Blook" and "Bishop Absolon" are probably penned by the same author. If fact just surfing around the loony right blogs I found nine "europeans" offering the same presice thesis, in the precice same logical order; talking points, and all relating back to support for americans in Iraq. Curious.
The "Bishop Absolon" of "Copenhagen" went momentarily out of character however when his "friend" referred american soldiers as "our troops".

For Alexandra, I think my Quebecois friend was saying that Gringoman offers poor justification for his thesis in offering as evidence reports exclusivly from the american far right wing.
No doubt however that his thesis be open for any criticism... because it is dogma. Otherwise, why the diatribe on pedophilia?
Most Waloons residing in europe would keep the flemish appellation "vanden Blook" instead of the anglized "Vanden Blook", however the inference against authenticity arose only when the text of his letter was read. Wedeen is right that vanden Blook is wrong on his facts, about the muslim census and on european appeasement.
I do like Aleandra's "dying on your feet" metaphor as emblematic of a bankrupt society that can confront any and all problems through a militaristic approach. Wipe 'em out, Alex!

Dan Cameron Rodill

Comrade Eduardos,

If you snap out of the ideo-cocoon for a moment, you might understand why a Dane would refer to "our troops" either without reference to American soldiers or even with reference to American soldiers. The Danes have troops with the Coalition forces. 'Coalition forces' includes Danes AND Americans. I'm sure you understand what "coalition" means, and how it relates to the plural possessive pronoun, such as "our."

But do you include this in the "citical thinking" you teach your third year law students?

Oh, and another point. You dismiss "gringoman evidence" on the basis of an unsubstantiated assertion, namely "it's from the far right wing." In circles where people are capable of thinking, this trick is considered a cheap dodge. But let's not assume that someone teaching law students was employing a cheap dodge. Let's assume that you can substantiate your assertion. For some reason you didn't have the time. Maybe you had to rush back to the class on "critical thinking"?

Dan Cameron Rodill


Touche! You pierced the pretensions of "Phillip Weezel" even better than I did last year. Wedeen rates a place in the Mujahadeen Hall of Useful Infidels, (hopefully to become another of the spectacular illustrations on your site one of these days.) Another key to his and Edwards taste for psychorabble: The picture of a couple on the beach at radiant Tulum (in 'Gringolandia' on sidebar of gringoman.com) The BAB twins (bourgeois anti-bourgeois) Wedeen and Professor Edwards insisted that the illustrated beach couple is two males. I have no idea if they plan to see "Brokeback" together, but their fantasy life keeps banging into their other demonstrations of "critical thinking," as they show again here and even in the "General Negrete" post which, once again, I had to straighten them out on (usually a thankless task, and futile too.)

scott edwards

Some rationality in a sea of wingnuts:
(Don't bother gringoman, it doesn't entail a statist approach)


Dan Cameron Rodill

For Secular Sammy and the loopy leftniki riding the Mooslim Express: BACK TO VOLTAIRE.




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A garbage disposal fits underneath the sink and is attached to the plumbing, chopping food waste in to smaller pieces and washing it away. Installation requires removing some existing plumbing pipes and attaching the disposal. They are easily attached to dishwasher drain lines so the waste food drains to the disposal aswell. Units come in a number of power sizes, which range from simple household use to more commercial needs.

Cleanse the underside sink cabinet and place a bucket underneath the existing J-trap pipe. Make use of a pipe wrench to loosen the pipe and take away the pipe. Dump any water collected in the trap pipe to the bucket. Take away the large nut that holds the primary drain pipe underneath the sink in to place. Vigilantly unscrew the drain pipe from the sink base. This can cause the strainer assembly in the sink to increase up slightly. Make use of a small putty knife to trim away the old plumber's putty that helped seal the drain within the sink, and lift the drain pipe from the sink. Connect the garbage disposal to the sink. Place a ring of plumber's putty round the sink opening at a bead size of around 1/4 inch, after which slip the sink-mounting assembly and flange piece through the hole and into the cabinet beneath. Press the drain piece into the putty to compress the bead and form a good seal. Attach the mounting ring, gasket and nut, and tighten them from the lower of the sink and onto the flange. Have an assistant press down slightly from above to ensure the drain does not spin in the putty. Hand-tighten the ring so it won't shift from the sink, and wipe away any putty that presses out to the sink from the tightening. Prepare the disposal unit for the dishwasher by detatching the plug from the dishwasher inlet tube mounted towards the top of the mechanism. Utilizing a flat-head screwdriver and a hammer, strike it a couple of times to pop the plastic retaining piece to the unit. Turn the disposal inverted and it'll fallout. Fall into line the disposal with the mounting ring and lift it in to place therefore it connects. It might take several tries to obtain it attached, but you'll feel it become much lighter when it shacks up. Turn the disposal slightly and it'll tighten last but not least lock in to place with a click. Connect the system to the wall drain pipe, utilizing the replacement J-trap that included the disposal. Slide the pipe nut onto the pipe before lining up the washer to let it tighten within the washer. Tighten the nuts with a pipe wrench and verify that every thing is tight and in place. Connect the drain pipe from the dishwasher to the intake pipe towards the top of the disposal and make use of a metal clamp to tighten it to the pipe. Always check the bond to ensure it won't pull free. Plug the disposal plug to the outlet underneath the sink and press the red reset button on the lower of the disposal to create the machine for use. Turn the water on at the sink and verify that connections are tight and you will find no leaks. 0Operate the electrical switch above the sink to activate the disposal and make certain it turns on. Make sure the water continues to be running whenever you do that or it might damage the system. Begin filling the dishwasher, after which stop it and set it to drain to check on the bond to the applying.

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