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March 22, 2006


Phillip Wedeen

Your caption is a bit obtuse, Gringoman. Might I suggest:

"I may be no Charlie Tuna but you, honey, are no Michelle Malkin"


"Down the beach I saw Gringoman buck-naked and riding on some dude's shoulders."


"I'm really glad that Cheney doesn't like fishing."


"If this was america, honey, Ashcroft would have stuck a bra on you"


"My school, or yours?"


"What do you think about Bush's prescription drug plan?"


"Didn't I see you at Abu-Gahrib?"


"I can see now why those right-wing yank wingnuts suddenly want to Buy Danish!"


"No, really! You remind me of Esther Williams. can you swim?"



While you still refuse to disclose whether you endorse or not the Anti-Islamist Manifesto,(you've had your chance since March 1) here is a suggestion. How about entering Canada's Anti-Imperialist contest for 'Proglodyte of the Year'? Instead of standing up for a Manifesto, you can sit down with dopey captions.

Phillip Wedeen

How about:

"I've dabbled in Kirkegaard; he's Danish."


Dabble? Why sell yourself short, Wedeen? Since March 01 it's become perfectly clear. You are Manifestly a weasel.

scott edwards

A little empirical reasoning might serve to dampen the raw emotion Gringoman.
My Montreal collegue (and I) have already subscribed to the Fisk response to the cartoon controversy. I gave you my honest and well thought out take on the subject, though for some reason you have forgotten; and though you also afforded me your gracious response.
(Dreyfuss, do I represent Clouseau to you?)
Apropos your drawing, I too have missed the point with the fish...

Finally my condolances for your countrymen killed in an accident up in Arica while on holiday. As best as I can determine they had contracted with an unauthorized tour carrier; one not affiliated with the cruise lines. The Bachelet gov't promises a full investigation and has waived the Visa requirement for next of kin wishing to arrive here.

scott edawrds

Here is another response to your wierd fish caption above:


Perhaps this could engender a substantitive discussion or, at least, more so than your grab ass fish.

Here is another take on the hermit kingdoms over-reaction to the danish cartoons:


Wether one agrees or not is irrelevant. The Gringoman premise was that the "left" had "no" response to the cartoons; an assertion that is bushit from the hermit kingdom of nutjob bloggers where empirical facts count for zilch!


Professor Comrade Eduardos:

Your condolences to Americans for the holiday accident in a Chilean bus is certainly acceptable. Your determined dodge is not. I refer, of course, to your continued swiveling away from a simple answer to a simple question: Do you or do you not endorse the Anti-Islamist Manifesto that was gringoPosted here on March 01? Parse on and fisk away all you like---after fessing up. The non-devious world of principle and candor--if you don't mind its intrusion---awaits a yes or a no. Nobody is subjecting you to Guantanomo or even to a Castro Special Service detail. The demand is minimal. If you need to meditate first, consult a law book or Le Devoir, or W.,your proggy protege, go right ahead. Soyez le bienvenue.

scott edwards

You are asking me if I endorse cartoon editor Fleming Rose and american islamophobe Daniel Pipes.
Nice try!
Seems like we had a tete a tete re: Pipes some time back... Then you referred to him as a scholar, but were quickly disabused of that notion.
Come man, is it only left propoganda that is evil?

Phillip Wedeen

Much like the Gringoman piece below, The Dane That Roared, exposed as self-referential ( 'I will not offend muslims') here too we see Gringoman speaking through a fish: "What's a burqa? Your asking me? Sweetheart, I don't know. Is it an animal, a vegetable, or a mineral?".

I'd say it is a fear based obsession, Gringoman, and nothing fishy in that if you recognize it for what it is- because the average viewer doesn't get your intended humour. Are you afraid of muslims, Gringoman?


Mr Wedeen:

What is your definition of a fear based obsession? Were the inhabitants of the English Islands, those that saw the danger in Nazism, showing a fear based obsession prior to 1940? For they were accused of that very thing.

It would be most interesting to read your definition and how you apply it to Islamism. Thrill us with your acumen.

Phillip Wedeen

And you think that doing a mantra 'I will not offend muslims' or having a fish ask about a burqa will warn the hermit kingdom?

You're certifiable!


Wedeen, whether you believe it or not, I don't want you to give me so many perfect opportunities to describe you as a weasel. I really don't. Now why don't you act like the educated grown-up you purport to be and answer the gentleman's question---a very straightforward and relevant question? Remember, you are seen as a revealing example of today's Canadian "progressive."

Phillip Wedeen

The "gentleman" has a very homogenous view of pre-war enlish history. Starting with the Windsors and working down the tory food-chain was an admiration for Hitler; an infatuation shared by americans, like Ford and Lindburgh along hundreds of Bunds.

The "gentleman" also is so angry that he asking me to "apply a definition of fear based obsession to Islamism"... (Pay attention George) I said that GRINGOMAN HAS A FEAR BASED OBSESSION ABOUT MUSLIMS!
The evidence:
1. A cartoon of a white guy doing a mantra "I will not offend muslims"

2) A cartoon where a fish asks the statue in Copenhagen about a "Burqa".

Both of these examples are so far attenuated from the cartoon controversy, yet the Gringoman has found considerable time to create and publish these rather obtuse works.

Query: WHY?

Conclusion: He is obsessed and afraid.

Hope this helps George. Like you, I cannot tell a lie.


Wedeen, it's good to hear that you cannot tell a lie. Now why don't you give an example of your alleged honesty? Who don't you give us a 'yes' or 'no' as to whether you endorse the anti-Islamist Manifesto? Can you be honest enough to do that? Oh, and while you're at it, why don't you tell us why your strange (if not sick) dodging of this question for a whole month is not an unusually good example of a "fear- based obsession" regarding Islam?

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Fawn Bourg

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